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This summer, stay cool amidst soaring temperatures with reliable window air conditioners from AC Man. As a leading air conditioning provider in Dubai, UAE. AC Man offers a wide range of window AC units to meet your cooling needs. We understand the importance of staying cool in the face of relentless heat. That’s why we present our extensive range of Window ACs, with the pinnacle of cooling technology. Your comfort is our priority, and we guarantee a solution that keeps you cool and comfortable, even during the hottest Dubai summers

Compressor Type

Midea Window AC 2 ton Piston Compressor (MWT2F1-24CM)

AED 2,150.00
All prices include VAT. + AED 80.00 Shipping within Dubai

Midea Window AC 1.5 Ton (MWT2F-18CM) Piston Compressor

AED 1,649.00
All prices include VAT. + AED 80.00 Shipping within Dubai

Midea Wonder Window AC 2 Ton – Inverter Compressor

AED 1,949.00
All prices include VAT. + AED 50.00 Shipping within Dubai

Midea Wonder 1.5 Ton Window AC Inverter Compressor

AED 1,689.00
All prices include VAT. + AED 50.00 Shipping within Dubai

Carrier Window AC 2 Ton Reciprocating Compressor

All prices include VAT. + AED 50.00 Shipping within Dubai.

Carrier Window AC 1.5 Ton Reciprocating Compressor

All prices include VAT. + AED 50.00 Shipping within Dubai

Super General Window AC 1.5 Ton (SGA183NE) Piston Compressor

AED 1,550.00
All prices include VAT. + AED 50.00 Shipping within Dubai
  • Silent and Elegant
  • Energy-saving and Efficient
  • Easy to Clean
  • Removable Filter
  • Auto Restart
  • Self-evaporative System
  • Refrigerant type R22
  • Reciprocating Compressor

Super General 2 Ton Window AC (SGA25AE) – Rotary Compressor

Original price was: AED 1,600.00.Current price is: AED 1,380.00.
incl. VAT +AED 50.00 Shipping within Dubai

O General 1.5 Ton Window AC – Rotary Compressor

AED 1,940.00
incl. VAT +AED 50.00 Shipping within Dubai Energy Rating: 

Super General Window AC 1.5 Ton (SGA19-41-HE) – Rotary Compressor

Original price was: AED 1,390.00.Current price is: AED 1,190.00.
All prices include VAT. Air conditioners from Super General are both attractive and long-lasting. Our specialty is in providing air conditioners that are lightweight, durable, and low-maintenance. We deliver exceptional service that is both trustworthy and cost-effective.

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Get the Best Deal on Your New Window Air Conditioner in Dubai

Searching for the perfect cooling solution? Look no further! AC Man brings you the ultimate opportunity to stay cool and comfortable in Dubai’s soaring temperatures. Say goodbye to the heat and hello to refreshing air with our exclusive window air conditioner deals.

Buy Window AC According to Your Need

  • 1 Ton Air Conditioners: 1 Ton Air Conditioners Suited for petite rooms and confined spaces, these air conditioners are an excellent choice for singular rooms or compact offices. Their compact design and energy-efficient operation make them a cost-effective solution for maintaining a comfortable environment in smaller areas.
  • 1.5 Ton Air Conditioners: Tailored for mid-sized rooms or offices, these units deliver effective cooling to create comfortable environments. With a balance of cooling power and energy efficiency, they are a popular choice for spaces that require reliable climate control without overburdening energy costs.
  • 2 Ton Air Conditioners: Delivering robust cooling for expansive rooms or office spaces, these air conditioners are an ideal fit for larger areas. Their enhanced cooling capacity ensures that even on the hottest days, they can quickly bring a spacious room to a comfortable temperature.
  • 2.5 Ton Air Conditioners: Crafted for roomy interiors or commercial spaces, these air conditioners offer efficient cooling in expansive settings. Designed to tackle substantial cooling needs, they are often the choice for larger homes, open-plan offices, or commercial establishments. Their superior cooling power ensures consistent comfort even in sizable environments.

Why Choose AC Man for Your Cooling Needs?

  • Hot Deals: Unleash the power of chilling comfort with our amazing discounts on the latest window air conditioner models.
  • Cooling Perfection: Our handpicked selection ensures you experience unmatched cooling performance, providing a welcome escape from the scorching sun.
  • Easy Installation: AC Man makes it a breeze to bring cooling relief to your space. Our window ACs are simple to install and offer immediate results.
  • Budget-Friendly: Say goodbye to sweaty discomfort without breaking the bank! Our affordable prices put premium cooling within everyone’s reach.

Why Should You Prefer a Window Air Conditioner?

When deliberating on the type of air conditioner to purchase, making an informed decision is crucial. Window air conditioners emerge as the most common choice for single-room cooling needs. Housed within a single unit, these air conditioners are notably easier to install compared to split air conditioners. Typically installed on a window sill or in a wall opening, they eliminate the need for drilling into walls to conceal air tubes.

Let's Look at Why a Window AC Can Be a Better Fit?

  • Window air conditioners are easy to install since they do not require drilling into the wall to conceal air tubes.
  • Window air conditioners are ideal for rooms and small areas more efficiently, allowing more cooling for your money.
  • The cost of installing window ACs is not too high because all the components are in one single unit.
  • Window air conditioners are portable, ideal for working professionals who often change their residence.

Now you’ve decided on buying a window AC for your space, but still, you need to look into various other factors also which choosing the right split AC:

  • Capacity or Tonnage: Knowing your air conditioner’s capacity is vital since it will help you make better cooling and economic decisions.
  • Size of the Room: A window air conditioner that is too small puts strain on the unit, whereas a split air conditioner that is too large cools the space fast but does not remove humidity.
  • Energy Efficiency: For electric efficiency, look for EES (Emirates Energy Star) energy efficiency ratings for air conditioners created by the Emirates Authority for Standardization and Metrology (ESMA). window ACs have these certifications, so there is no need to worry about it.
  • Aluminium coil Vs Copper coil: Copper coils have a higher heat transfer rate, are less corrosive, and have a higher coil strength than aluminium coils. Aluminium coils have only one advantage over copper coils: they are less expensive.
  • Budget: Last but not least, the cost of air conditioning. It should be affordable.

Top Notch Brands AC 

We offer unbeatable deals on top-notch brands that guarantee a refreshing and cool atmosphere in your space. Choose from a wide selection of trusted brands:

  • Super General: Experience unmatched cooling efficiency with Super General window air conditioners. Crafted with precision, these ACs offer reliable performance and exceptional value.
  • Midea: Enjoy innovation at its best with Midea window air conditioners. Featuring cutting-edge technology, Midea ACs provide rapid cooling and energy efficiency for a comfortable environment.
  • O General: Elevate your cooling experience with O General window air conditioners. Renowned for their superior quality and advanced features, O General ACs ensure a tranquil and cool haven in the scorching Dubai heat.
  • Carrier: Embrace the future of cooling with Carrier window air conditioners. Carrier’s legacy of excellence shines through in their ACs, offering a blend of innovation, durability, and performance.

Whether it’s for your home, office, or retail space, our range of window air conditioners from Super General, Midea, O General, and Carrier cater to diverse needs and preferences. Say goodbye to discomfort and hello to a refreshing ambience with our unbeatable deals on top window AC brands. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to create a soothing oasis in the heart of Dubai’s heat. Grab your perfect window AC now!

Benefits of Window Air Conditioners

  1. Cooling Power and Efficiency: Window ACs are designed for exceptional cooling power, well-suited for Dubai’s hot climate. Modern units offer higher cooling capacities for effective cooling.
  2. Space-saving Design: Installed directly in the window frame, they save space, making them practical for apartments and small rooms.
  3. Ease of Installation: Simple installation process, suitable for homeowners, and hassle-free mounting kits.
  4. Cost-effectiveness: More affordable than central ACs, with lower energy consumption, resulting in reduced electricity bills.
  5. Energy Efficiency and Sustainability: Comply with international standards, feature energy-saving modes, contributing to a greener environment.
  6. Customizable Cooling Options: Adjustable thermostats, fan speeds, and air direction control cater to individual preferences.
  7. Low Maintenance Requirements: Minimal effort and cost for maintenance, with self-cleaning features in modern models.
  8. Noise Reduction: Modern units operate quietly, ensuring a peaceful indoor environment.

Window air conditioners are indispensable for residents in Dubai, providing efficient cooling, space-saving design, easy installation, cost-effectiveness, energy efficiency, customizable options, low maintenance, and noise reduction features


Window air conditioners are a popular choice for residential cooling due to their affordability, easy installation, and compact design. They are suitable for cooling individual rooms or small spaces, providing a practical solution for those on a budget.

While window air conditioners may be less energy-efficient than some split systems, choosing a unit with a higher Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) can improve efficiency. Regular maintenance, such as cleaning or replacing filters, also plays a crucial role in maximizing the unit’s performance.

Window air conditioners are primarily designed for residential use and smaller spaces. For commercial settings or larger areas, it is recommended to consider other types of air conditioning systems, such as split systems or central air conditioning, to ensure adequate and efficient cooling.

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The cooling capacity of a window air conditioner is measured in BTUs (British Thermal Units). To determine the right size, consider the square footage of the room. A higher BTU rating is required for larger rooms. However, factors such as insulation, window size, and heat-producing appliances also play a role.

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